Good Morning Gentlemen!

It’s that time of year again. Time for us to do some Spring cleaning and clear-out our sample closet to make room for our upcoming Fall/Winter collection.

This Saturday we will be unloading garments from our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections that were used for AoS photoshoots. In addition, this time Dan has decided to include garments from his personal wardrobe, see below:

“I’ve collected a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories over the years…and it’s finally time to pass it on. We need to make space in the showroom, so everything will be priced to move… We have some beautiful AoS pieces, and all kinds of stuff from my personal collection… This is probably going to be one of the best menswear sales NYC has seen in a while…” -Dan Trepanier



Saturday July 15th 12pm – 4pm



Articles of Style NYC Showroom

166 Mercer Street, 3F

New York, NY 10012


Small Batch Burgundy Suit, Bengal Stripe Oxford, Vintage Wool Tie

Shetland Glendplaid Jacket, Gray Flannel Trousers, Navy Crewneck

Charcoal Shadowplaid Overcoat, Broadcloth Spread Collar Shirt

Khaki & Navy Houndstooth Overcoat, Pacific Lambswool Suit



Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Remaining items will be available online next week (sign-up for our Newsletter).

Yours in Style,


Source: Articles of Style

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