An Ode to White Denim

It’s about that time, gentlemen.

Time to break-out your white denim.

There simply is no other pair of jeans that is more versatile, or that instantly elevates any look for Spring & Summer.

Here are some of our favorite white denim looks from the AoS Archives along with some tips for pulling them off, keeping them clean, and finding a fresh pair.

The Nighthawk

Featherweight topcoat + band collar shirt + sockless loafers, for a smooth summer night.

Cutting the bottom (then machine washing them) will give you an on-trend frayed hem that can help them look more rugged and less preppy.

The Rockstar

Vintage leather jacket + white tee + chelsea boots, for a party in the hills.

Don’t be afraid to crop the hem short, with no break. They’re meant for warm weather, so you can bare some ankle and float them over some sexy ankle boots.

The Sartorialist

Blue blazer + poplin shirt + suede loafers, for a slick day at the office of a dinner party.

Do your best to keep them clean, but don’t trip if they have a couple spots here and there – we call that “character”… Bleach is your friend in the long run.

The Italiano

Lavender jacket + strong collar + statement loafers, for your Sunday’s finest.

The real beauty of white jeans is their ability to create a blank canvas for any color – especially those that are tricky to pair with other shades. If you have a piece that you’ve been struggling to “pull off”, try it with white jeans.

The Minimalist

Unstructured jacket + heather gray tee + slip-on espadrilles, for a casual weekend with friends.

Never neglect the fit! Even if they are cheap jeans and the alterations cost more than the original price…have them cut slim (not skinny or tight) through the leg with a tapered ankle and no break. Pro tip: wear them a few times first, to fully stretch out the fabric, before having them nipped & tucked to the perfect size.

The Art Director

Double-Breasted Jacket + bengal stripe shirt + monk strap loafers, to show off your creative side.

Here Alex shows us that, yes, a DB jacket can be worn with jeans. Also, white jeans work with just about any shoe color – brown, black, floral print, etc.

The Agent

Hopsack jacket + turtleneck + ankle boots, for cocktails with clients.

You wouldn’t think a turtleneck would be a great match for white jeans – but that’s why we’re here. Just keep the knit thin, light, and neutral in color.

Killer Crossover

Lightweight jacket + denim shirt + tassel loafers, for a look that is appropriate – and stylish – in just about any setting.

The easiest way to do denim-on-denim: faded blue denim shirt + tailored white denim jeans.


If you’re in the market for a fresh pair of white jeans, here are three we recommend.

1.) Levi’s “511” Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

2.) Rag & Bone “F1” Slim Fit Jeans

3.) Saint Laurent Distressed Straight Jeans


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Source: Articles of Style

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