Cinema Inspirations: Saturday Night Fever

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In this series, each AoS team member showcases the classic movies that have inspired their personal style.

Here Wes tells the story of how Saturday Night Fever changed the way he looked at tailoring and inspired him as a youngster growing up in NYC.

“Cinema, let me tell you something about cinema…

As a kid growing up in NYC, the movie theatre was a place of refuge – a way to, literally, get out of the street. I remember writing down the names of the friends that I went to the theatre with on the back of each ticket stub. For weeks, sometimes months, we would reference the characters, dress like them, talk like them, etc… It was a bonding experience for our circle and a personal learning experience for me (keep in mind this was long before the gram and the snap). We watched a lot of movies, including the classics that came out before our time…especially those that were based in our city.

One movie I will never forget seeing for the first time was Saturday Night Fever (not in theaters – it came out 11 years before I was born). Before that film I associated suits with my dad going to work in “corporate America”. This movie changed all of that for me. The lead character, Tony Manero, is a working class son of an immigrant who lives with his parents in Brooklyn and works a dead-end job… But when Saturday night rolls around, he puts on his superhero custom (a white suit, black shirt and gold chains) and becomes a legend in the nightclub scene… It was the first time I observed the transformative effect of menswear and thought that tailoring could be cool, sexy, and tough.”


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