Rebel Dandy

In the era of American elegance the go-to fashion for men who were rebelling against the norm, or “the man”, was t-shirts, jeans and hooded sweatshirts.

Now that the societal norm has shifted from shirts and ties to sweatpants and sneakers, a new generation of style-forward men are blazing their own trail using classic dress as their own form of rebellion.

Today it’s the non-conformists, the tough guys, the real grab-life-by-the-balls types, who are embracing the finer points of menswear that were once associated with dandyism, conservative opinions and by-the-book traditions.

To illustrate this “Rebel Dandy” movement, we tapped two guys who you wouldn’t want to f-uck with and put them in fabrics, colors and accessories which once made them more approachable, but now make them more untouchable.  


Cotton Seersucker in Midnight Navy

Seersucker is traditionally considered a jovial, borderline jolly, fabric.

Our modern version, fully dyed midnight blue, has an edge that is not typically associated with seersucker which allows you to wear it long into the evening, and style it for more formal occasions.

The Power Pin

Birdseye Worsted in Medium Gray

The fedora, the waistcoat, the club collar, the collar pin…these are all old-school elements that were part of conformist dress decades ago.

Today, they are old-school elements of non-conformist dress…symbols of the begining of the end for athleisure.

Gunclub Member

Natural Guncheck Jacket

A patterned sportcoat, a contrast vest, a cashmere tie, a linen pocket square, a perfect tie dimple… Attention to detail is the new badass…gone are the “not caring” days of the 90s.

As always, knowledge is power, and making informed decisions can have residual benefits in every facet of your life.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


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