“Black Tie Creative” at the Met Gala

The Met Gala, formally known as the “Costume Institute Gala”, is Hollywood’s main fashion event.

The annual fundraiser to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute is usually dominated by beautiful starlets and supermodels in avant-garde couture gowns. However, as classic menswear continues to heat-up, the A-list gentlemen have been having just as much fun with their takes on “creative black tie”.

Here are some of our favorite forward-thinking tailored looks from the other night.

The Future is Now

Old school meets new school with the morning coat + cravatte. You can only think about pulling-off a look like this if the fit is absolutely on point.

Everybody Wants to be Like Mike

A 4×2 shawl tartan with gold buttons!? That’s a Michael Jordan level performance if I ever saw one. Extra points for the blue suede chelsea boots.

Wang Hang

Nobody does casual/formal pairings like the king of cozy Alexander Wang. Who else can wear a midnight blue cashmere hoodie & sweats with a tux jacket?

Wiz Kid

Wiz Khalifa with the go-to accessory for Spring/Summer ’17…his own brand, surely.

Brady in Ford

The lapels on this velvet dinner jacket are definitely fully pumped-up.

Rap Pack

Bad and Boujee. Enough said.

Okay Tommy Boy

White tie & traditional waistcoat for the win. Extra points for the sharp shape of those shoes.

Velvet Dandy

Hard to go wrong with a double-breasted velvet dinner jacket… Not mad at the pink socks either.

Like a Glove

Speaking of great performances that blend modern vibes with old school flavor, this guy has been killing it.

Puffy The Vampire Slayer

P. Diddy channeling 2045, when he will be known simply as “Pi”.

Eddie Red, Mang

If your style leans toward the more conservative side, you’ll appreciate Eddie Redmayne’s (definitely not midnight) blue trim-fit tuxedo.


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