Performance of the Year

To be a successful menswear designer you have to live and breathe textiles.

Fabric is the the single most important ingredient in the production, and performance, of any menswear garment. 

That’s why the team and I spend so much time and energy sourcing, sampling and trialing new fabrics for our collections. It’s always an exciting process filled with new ideas, new innovations and passionate (often quirky/always fascinating) people from all over the world. 

While the general shape and style of the suit may not have changed much over the past 100 years, the fabrics they are being cut from are getting better and better all the time. By “better” I mean they are lighter weight, more breathable, more comfortable, better at wrinkle and moisture resistance, etc. 

Take our Performance Hopsack, for example, a cloth that represents the best of modern innovation within the age-old textile industry. This basket-woven fabric is made with extremely lightweight “Super 140’s” tropical wool that is designed for function, comfort and travel. Incredibly, it’s stain-resistant, crease resistant, waterproof (yes, waterproof) and woven for 4-way natural stretch, We’ve scoured the earth for fabrics with “natural performance” qualities, and it truly doesn’t get any better than this. The best part is, it’s available in a number of versatile colors – like camel, rust, royal, chocolate, and forest.

Here Will takes our camel version for a spin, showing off its versatility in three looks for three different occasions.


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