Skin In the Game

I was fortunate to grow up in a very diverse place.

In Canada we don’t have terms like “African Canadian” or “Indian Canadian”. We’re all simply “Canadian”, the same way we’re all simply human.

As a young farm kid with hoop dreams – wearing XXL throwback Isiah Thomas jerseys to school – people joked that I wanted to be black. And I did. I loved the nickname “White Chocolate“. I thought the black kids were the cool ones, the stylish ones, the confident ones. The more time I spent emulating my basketball heroes (including having my hair braided into Allen Iverson-style cornrows), the more I began to associate being different with being cool…even if others were laughing at me. I fed off the laughter and learned that true self confidence starts with leaning into who you are, and not apologizing for what you dream to become.

Most importantly, I was taught to treat people with respect, no matter their background or skin color. As a recluse whose best friend was Wilson (we didn’t use Spalding up north), I always felt like an outsider and naturally gravitated toward people who were not the majority. As a result, my friend circle became almost comically multiracial. My best friends are Mauritian, Palestinian, Nigerian, Indian, Jamaican…just about everyone in my close circle is an immigrant from somewhere. It’s a true Canadian thing.

This unique upbringing allowed me to appreciate the beauty in the world’s array of skin tones. I find it ironic that every Spring we marvel at the beautiful colors that occur naturally in blooming flowers, plants and animals – but in our stubborn human way we fail to appreciate the beauty found among our own species.

With that said, for our Spring/Summer 2017 collection I took inspiration from human skin tones, which look great when blended together and always create an appealing aesthetic.

In this shoot we use our new Spring fabrics to show the beauty that results when different skin tones come together.


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Source: Articles of Style

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