“Hue Right”: The Best Colors for Light Brown Skin

In this edition of “Hue Right” we’re taking a look at the best (and worst) colors for gentlemen with light brown skin and dark brown hair (low contrast).

For this one we tapped long-time friend of AoS Brandon Murphy, a personal stylist based in NYC.

First, the colors to avoid.

Avoid: Browns, Beiges, Olives

As with our previous “Hue Right” posts, we start with the basic rule of coloring: avoid colors that are too close to your natural skin tone, and focus on creating a visual contrast that makes your skin look vibrant and healthy. The worst thing you can do is wash-out your color profile by wearing shades that are too similar to your natural tones. An easy cheat-code is to look directly across the color wheel from the side that most closely resembles your skin color.

Go For: Berries & Pastels

Raspberry Windowpane Jacket by Articles of Style

A good portion of Brandon’s wardrobe is centered around rich colors in strong combinations, as it should be. In addition to the shade of your skin, consider the temperature of it. For example, Brandon has a very warm tone, which typically looks better against cooler colors, like this dark raspberry with icy blue windowpane.

Go For: Brighter Blues

Brown Melange Windowpane Jacket and White USA Oxford Shirt by Articles of Style

No guy can go wrong with blue, but if you’ve been blessed with caramel-brown skin like Brandon, try reaching outside the box for a shade of blue that is lighter, richer, and more green-based. Notice how like this aqua sweater ties together the patterned jacket and the basic oxford shirt. This is also a good example of how the pattern and texture of a garment can change its overall color profile. Without the strong blue windowpane, this jacket wouldn’t be an ideal choice.

Go For: Gemstone Colors

Acorn Guncheck Jacket and White USA Oxford Shirt by Articles of Style

Gemstone colors – like emerald, ruby, saphire, etc. – tend to be cooler in temperature and are a refreshing break from the more typical pastels. For example, here the warmth of Brandon’s skin town is accented be the cool, even cold, nature of this emerald green wool/linen/silk jacket (and the pattern is pulled-down by the neutral cashmere hoodie).

If you’re in a slump and need some color inspiration for Spring, remember that the perfect compliment to any color can be found in Mother Nature. Otherwise, you can always use our Style Guide.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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Source: Articles of Style

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