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Is suit over kill in this work environment?

Is suit over kill in this work environment? | Threads.Dappered.com

What do you do when you want to wear a suit in your work environment, but everyone around you is dressed for office casual? This is the question jack90 posed to the group, wanting to wear a suit more, but not look out of place. JBarwick asked if the suit would be worn with our without a tie, offering some advice on how to slowly incorporate wearing a suit and tie in to the clothing rotation. Recommendations were pretty much split down the middle between “go for it” and “don’t do it” with Hierophant probably offering the most sound advice of “dress for yourself”. No word yet on what jack90 has decided to do.


The J Crew Killshots are back

The J Crew Killshots are back

It all started with a posting from user Teej referencing an Instagram photo from J Crew announcing the return of the Killshots. Users were quick to jump in offering their opinions, so much so that Joe did a main page posting about the shoe. User Me27 was quick to ask about sizing, helpful for all who were thinking of purchasing said shoes, while LesserBlackDog did a good job of explaining their appeal. Finally jackbauer24 related the scarcity of the shoe to the Nintendo Switch console, which turned the thread 180 degrees while hornsup84, idvsego, token and others reminisced about their game playing console days before Teej brought the conversation back to shoes again.


Casual sneaker suggestions?

Casual sneaker suggestions? | Threads.Dappered.com

Staying on topic, you know summer’s around the corner when users start asking sneaker questions. Pete Tirrell asked the group what sneakers they would suggest for the summer. Popular recommendations included Adidas Stan Smiths, slip on shoes from Vans, Converse Chuck Taylors, and Wilson canvas sneakers. Mikeyk threw a curveball with the colourful recommendation of the New Balance 247 Luxe’s, which goes to show that not all casual sneakers for the summer have to be white.


Rolex question…

Rolex question | Threads.Dappered.com

Watches continue to be a popular topic of conversation, and bobellis75 became the envy of everyone when he announced he was in the market for a Rolex. Bobellis75 had come to the forums looking for guidance. Forum veteran hornsup84 offered some excellent background on the initial five models bobellis75 was looking at. Wsupjs added to the debate by suggesting a Rolex Daytona. The final decision? Check out the thread to find out!


What song are you listening to?

What song are you listening to? | Threads.Dappered.com

Proving that Dappered readers are interested in more than just style, the What song are you listening to thread continues to be a popular place where readers share their listening preferences. Terminado suggested a group that sounded completely fake, only to receive polite confirmation and approval of the band from thedrake. Have a band you think users need to know about? Stop by the thread and share your recommendation.

Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Many thanks to contributor Dave I. for assembling this month’s Best of Threads.

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