The Ultimate Corduroy Suit

When you first design a collection, you really don’t know which pieces are going to become your favorites, until you start wearing them. 

Our Chestnut Corduroy was actually a last-second addition to the AOS FW16 collection, by request from one of our readers. “How can you guys have an American tailoring collection, and not have a corduroy fabric in the offering!?” he wrote. He went on to school me on the history of corduroy, the benefits of casual comfort and warmth, the iconic men known for corduroy suits like Wes Anderson, even fictional characters like Fantastic Mr. Fox… This guy was passionate about his cord.

Side-note: as for Wes Anderson and his iconic corduroy suit(s), I think the gentlemen at A Continuous Lean broke it down best:

“The corduroy suit just well, suits him. There has been so much talk over the past few years about “casual suiting,” but a lot of that focus is upon fit, rather than fabric. Anderson’s uniform demonstrates how that relaxed feel of corduroy makes for the perfect casual suit. Just look at how Anderson wears it – on set, in interviews, in photoshoots, even on the red carpet (except notably at the Oscars recently). He works in it, he plays in it, he lives in it. And that’s what corduroy was initially designed for, as a country sporting fabric that could go over the bridge, through the woods, and back home again for cocktails. Today, that everyday vibe is more important than ever. A suit should be easy, you should be able to toss it on every morning and never think about it again for the rest of the day, no matter where that day may take you. And that’s exactly what a corduroy suit does. Just take it from Wes.”

Well, I have to say, this guy was right. As our collection started rolling in, the pima cotton Chestnut Corduroy become a quick favorite, to the point where I’m having a hard time leaving it hanging in the showroom and not wearing it regularly.

So if you’ve been thinking about adding a “leisure suit” to your arsenal, here are a few looks to get you thinking, along with some reasons why a corduroy suit can really open up your wardrobe long-term.


Tailor Made in America

Chestnut Cordory Suit

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Dan Trepanier

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