Mistakes to Avoid on Black Friday Weekend

Good morning gentleman (and ladies),

The fever of Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is upon us. This time of year I’m always surprised to see how many people waste their hard-earned money on cheap crap that didn’t want, or need, simply because of the markdowns.

It’s easy to get bamboozled by “the biggest discounts of the year” and chase price tags. The key to success is focusing on a few quality items that you really want, and not simply comparing discount percentages.

With that said, here are three of the biggest mistakes to avoid when shopping during the Holiday sales season:

Never Buy the Wrong Size

Never buy the wrong size just because it’s on sale. It won’t look good on you, you won’t feel good in it, you won’t wear it more than a couple of times, and eventually you’ll pay to replace the item with the correct size.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Sales season often confuses consumers into buying things they didn’t want in the first place. Remember that retailers are lowering prices in order to move stale inventory that they couldn’t sell – basically convincing you to buy things simply because of the discount rate. Don’t fall victim to this. By now you should have an idea of the staples you need to round-out your wardrobe, so don’t get side-tracked by discount signs and focus on long-term quality.

Remember to Shop Consciously

Just because that sweater at H&M or ASOS is $20, doesn’t make it a good purchase. 40% off one well-crafted piece that retails for $800 is much better savings (in the long-run) than 40% off a handful of cheap pieces that each retail for $80. You won’t love these pieces and soon enough you will be replacing them – which means they will join the millions of garments sitting on fast fashion landfills.

Good luck out there this weekend.

Your in style,


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