Hue Right: Southeast Asian Skin Tones feat. Wes

The beauty of having an ongoing dialogue with our reader and client base is that you guys can directly fuel the type of content we create for you.

For example, after kicking-off the “Hue Right” series with our redheaded brother Greg Hauxhurst, we received a number of requests for an installment featuring our very own Westley Dimagiba.

So I’ll let him take it from here…

First, some colors to avoid.

Avoid: Beige, Cream, Taupe, Yellow, Light Olive

“Many of my Southeast Asian brothers will have warm complexions with yellow or olive undertones, and dark brown or black hair. The idea of flattering your skin with fabrics and colors is to create a contrast that allows your natural coloring to shine and grab attention, against a backdrop that provides the eye with shades from the other side of the color spectrum. The worst thing you can do is wash-out your color profile by wearing hues that are too similar to your natural coloring.”

Go For: Saturated Burgundy & Dark Browns

Small Batch Burgundy Suit & Blue Broadcloth Shirt by Articles of Style, Tie Vintage

“It’s not so much about the color, as it is about the shade. A couple tones lighter and this would be a poor example, but a saturated burgundy pulls out the natural warmth in my skin, so people tend to look me in the eyes before noticing my clothes – and I like that… For my vintage heads out there, I still dig regularly. This is one of my favorite ties – I think I got it for $2.”

Go For: Midnight Blue

Essential Navy Suit & Subtle Sky Graph Check Shirt by Articles of Style

“With our light coloring and dark hair, we look badass in really dark, saturated colors – like midnight blue, charcoal gray, and yes, black. There’s a reason why we, at AoS, always recommend starting with a blue suit as your first purchase – because every guy looks great in dark blue.”

Go For: Dark Olives & Greens

Olive Cotton Cashmere Suit & Pale Pink Broadcloth Shirt by Articles of Style

“Similar to the first look, saturated earth tones go miles when it comes to adding versatility to a wardrobe. This is a cotton/cashmere brushed cotton fabric (sometimes called “moleskin“) that we’ve been testing for Winter. Think of it like a corduroy suit, without the fuzziness or the ribbed texture. More on this later.”

Go For: Medium Grays

Triple Chalkstripe Windowpane Suit & Navy Bengal Stripe Shirt by Articles of Style

“Charcoal is an obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to go a shade lighter, toward mid gray. A cool medium gray can create a very fresh contrast against our warmer skin tone. Anchor it down with a dark tie, and don’t be afraid of a strong pattern!”

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Styling by Westley Dimagiba. Photography by Alex Crawford

Source: Articles of Style

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