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We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about our online fitting process, and the complimentary try-on garments we use for each client’s initial fit-assessment.

Firstly, AoS try-on garments are not a “first version” of your final garment. They are custom-made garments that are cut just for your initial fit assessment, based on the information provided in your AoS Profile and the experience of our tailoring team in cutting garments for your specific body type.

The try-on garments are only used for your first fitting (they arrive 2-4 weeks after your first purchase with AoS). Once you upload your fitting photos and share your open feedback about the fit, the try-on garments are yours to keep. They do not need to be returned.

All of our try-on garments are cut from 100% worsted wool fabric in charcoal grey, midnight blue, or black. The color is random – we don’t offer the choice of color for your complimentary try-on garments.

There are four different types of fitting garments:

  • Basted Try-On Jacket (used for suit, sportcoat & outerwear fittings)
  • Try-On Shirt (used for shirt fittings)
  • Try-On Trouser (used for suit & trouser fittings)
  • Try-On Vest (used for 3-piece suit & vest fittings)

The Basted Try-On Jacket

The try-on jacket is the only fitting garment that is “basted” – meaning it’s an unfinished “shell” of a jacket (no pockets, lining, etc) that is only used to examine your pattern on your body and dissect your specific size, shape, irregularities, etc. The basted try-on jacket is not designed to be worn.

The Try-On Shirt, Vest & Trouser

Unlike the basted try-on jacket, our try-on shirt, trouser and vest are fully finished garments. In many cases these try-on garments fit so well that our clients end-up adding them straight to their wardrobes (perhaps with a tweak at a local tailor). Consider it a free dark trouser/vest, and a free shirt cut from a classic white broadcloth.

We always recommend doing a 3-piece suit and a shirt as your first order. This way we can cut and ship all 4 of your complimentary try-on garments at the same time, and you are fully measured after your first order.

Our Fitting Process

For more information check out our How It WorksFAQ and Alterations Policy.

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