Skagen “Hagen” World Time + Alarm Watch – $225.00

Also available through Nordstrom, just in case it sells out via Amazon. 

The “Holst” multi function seems like Skagen’s most popular watch around these parts, but this newly released “Hagen” World Timer might give the Holst a run for its money on many a guy’s wrist.

It’s a little more complicated looking. A little more intricate. Yet somehow it still has that Danish minimalism thing going for it (despite all the letters and lines a World Time watch brings with it).

The Skagen Hagen World Time Watch |

A tonal, engraved, major city representing each world time zone edges the dial.

Operation of the world time function is straightforward and easy. Set the time like you would any other watch, then use the top pusher at two o’clock to manipulate what otherwise looks like a seconds hand. That third hand on the center post, instead of being the usual seconds hand, is actually the indicator for which time zone you’re seeing represented in the sub dial at noon. One push = one time zone moved. The major city of that time zone is represented around the outer edge of the dial. Whichever city that long and skinny hand is pointed at? The time in that zone is shown on the 24 hour dial at noon. Nice work Skagen.

Now, some guys might not like the looks of that “stopped” second hand. Might look like the watch itself has stopped. But the seconds hand on most chronographs are stationary at Noon unless being used, so, that shouldn’t be a big issue to many.

The Skagen Hagen World Time Watch |

42mm diameter and 11mm thick. Still far from big, but bigger than other Skagen watches.

You can set the Alarm by way of the lower pusher at 4 o’clock. The date is smartly placed inside a circular, not rectangular, window, also at four o’clock. Normal seconds is shown at the sub dial at 9 o’clock.

It’s still very much a Skagen, so expect the build quality to be… nice. Maybe not act-of-God proof, but it does feel nice in the hands. Leather band is smooth and nice and flexible right out of the box. 50m water resistance. Mineral crystal. 42mm in diameter. Quartz movement of course. 11mm thick, which while still decently slim, isn’t as slim as some of their other models. Some guys might actually prefer a little more height here, compared to the usually paper thin models that Skagen normally cranks out. Band width is 20mm, and this thing would look real sharp on a black, perhaps croc-embossed dress strap? As is, it’s a terrific looking smart-casual watch. Suit worthy? Sure. Don’t see why not.

The Skagen Hagen World Time Watch |

Lots going on. But still modern and minimalist?

$225 is gonna be too steep for some guys for a most likely made in China quartz watch. But this is a brand new release. And Skagen watches often get marked down quite a bit on Amazon and Jomashop. Be patient, keep an eye out, and one would think you could grab one of these for the mid $100s? Maybe?

Enter here to win the Skagen World Time “Hagen” Watch shown above in this post. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 8/31/16. Thanks to Skagen for passing along one of their latest models for a review and subsequent giveaway!

The Skagen Hagen World Time Watch |


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