What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Summer’s time is waning, and maybe you’re headed somewhere to cool off for the weekend before that chance passes by. Or perhaps you’re just taking your ride out to carve up some pavement. (And if you’re doing that, be safe… don’t get dead. We need all the readers we can get.) Here’s one suggestion for an outfit that’ll keep you from turning into a sweaty, uncomfortable mess behind the wheel. (top photo credit)

Style Scenario: The Late Summer Road Trip | Dappered.com

The Pants: Uniqlo Vintage Flat Front Chinos in Olive – $39.90. A pant will ensure the back of your legs are protected from a searing hot car seat, should you park for a break for a few hours. Also won’t soak up the sun like jeans would. We’re going regular fit so your pistons (see what we did there) have room to breath. But know it’s still UNIQLO, so things might lean trim. Seems to be pretty darn popular, and all but sold out at post time. Fingers crossed for a re-stock, soon.

The Shirt: BR Luxe-Touch Piped Polo in Light Grey – $49.50Consider this a good way to keep cool while still looking tailored in a retro-inspired style. Super smooth cotton is anything but a squishy, almost towel like golf polo. On sale often.

The Watch: Seiko Prospex Chronograph – $157. A watch designed specifically for sport and adventure. 100m water resistance. Nylon strap should wear cooler than leather. Chrono helps keep track of travel time, and the alarm feature can help you track any timed or metered parking you may run into along the way. Fulfilled by Amazon.

The Belt: Bonobos Woven Leather Belt – $88. That is not a cheap belt. But hopefully the high price would mean much more quality construction, and therefor durability, than you would get from a much cheaper option from say Old Navy or H&M.

The Shoes: Jack Erwin Parker Driving Loafer in Navy – $115. When putting the pedal to the metal, shoes design for the driving experience will make it that much more enjoyable. These Portuguese made options from Jack Erwin should fit the bill.

The Sunglasses: Shwood ‘Francis’ 49mm Sunglasses in Bourbon/Elm/Gold – $129. Be warned, average sunglasses width falls around 52mm, so these are going to wear a little more narrow. Italian acetate and wood are combined to create these Made in the USA options sold via Nordstrom. At least the return will be free if you decide the fit doesn’t flatter your face.

The Bag: Everlane Dipped Weekender – $115.00. Great price, looks awesome, and just enough space if you’re driving somewhere for the weekend. More options here.

The Music: Load up on Podcasts/MP3s/Bring CDs. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a radio dead-zone. And a quick suggestion: Live recordings seem to work great on road trips. Recordings of concerts are 90% music + 10% audio book. They’re just more engaging. Meanwhile, if you’re doing this thing solo (or, are driving with someone on the quiet side) get some podcasts or audio books ready to go. An interesting podcast really makes the time fly.

The Extras: Sunscreen & Gas Station Snacks. Obligatory reminder about sunscreen. If you don’t use it, your window-side could be burned to a crisp. Here’s why that “kids” sunscreen gets suggested. Meanwhile, we all have our favorite road trip snacks. Beefy jerky chased with a Starbucks double shot? Yes indeed, that’s one way to stop for gas.

Source: Dappered.com

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