The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait til the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below. Expect these with zero regularity.


#1. Allen Edmonds Shoebank: Labor Day Savings, Up to 50% off

Allen Edmonds Labor Day Sale

  • Brooks Brothers Warwick Single Monk w/ Slim Rubber Sole – $149.00
  • Carlyle Oxford – $195.00
  • Cornwallis Oxford – $199.00
  • Fifth Ave. Oxford – $199.00

Not bad. Not the best ever across the board, but certain styles are dipping under $200. As is always the case with the shoebank, availability is determined by whichever size, width, and color you’re looking for. And Cordovan? Those are extra rare finds. Remember, these are 2nds quality, and you are on the hook for returns. More info on purchasing from the shoebank can be found here.


#2. J. Crew: Extra 40% off Sale Styles w/ SALESEARCH

J. Crew

If you like J. Crew’s suits, and you wear summer-fabric suits when it’s hot out, then now’s the time to save some serious cash. We’re in the wheelhouse for summer suit clearances at J. Crew. Seersucker, linen, etc. Also, lots of other tempting goods in their sale section too. Seems like their sale section stock got a refresh over the weekend. That “loden” colored Italian cotton sportcoat would go great with those grey loafers and a favorite pair of dark wash jeans. Just throw an OCBD (white, or light blue) on under the sportcoat and you’ve got a relaxed but still well-put together outfit.


#3. Brooks Brothers: Select Suits $499 (most reg. $1198)

Brooks Brothers Suits

Not a bad price for the Brooks Brothers 1818 line. You just have to get lucky in terms of finding your size and fit. This is a true clearance, so, no solid navy or charcoals in here. Lots of stripes and other patterns.

Also worth a mention on a Monday


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