Reader Appreciation Week: Three Ready-to-Wear Ledbury Shirts

NOTE: Shirts available for giveaway come from their fantastic core collection and/or their new fall collection. Total of the three shirts cannot exceed $500 (which shouldn’t be an issue). Also, some luxury collections may be excluded. Want to score a deal and you live in the  Richmond, VA area? Ledbury is currently running a summer warehouse sale at their 14th street location. You can find more info here.

Total and complete game-changer.

That accurately describes Ledbury’s slightly lowered second button. It makes their shirts look perfect when the top button is unbuttoned. Not too uptight like normal shirts, with their standard, higher placed second button. And not too cheesy/chest-hairy, like normal shirts when two buttons are undone. Just a perfect “V”. That’s what that slightly lowered, brilliantly placed second button on Ledbury shirts accomplishes.

Ledbury perfect button |

Whoever came up with the lowered 2nd button at Ledbury? I’d like to buy you a drink.

And it’s not just the button stance that makes Ledbury shirts worth saving up for. The European milled fabrics are second-to none, with their fine-twills being exceptional every-day dress shirts. And their collars? Their collars are fantastic. The canvassed interlining means you can ditch the magnets and just use a pair of decent weight collar stays to keep your collar at attention all day long.

Their shirts are manufactured in Europe with Mother of Pearl buttons, and come in two fits. The Classic Fit is actually more of an athletic cut, which is good for the broader chest/shoulder guys (although the super inverted triangle types might need a bit of tailoring at the waist). Their Slim Fit is nice and trim, without looking shrink-wrapped on most frames.

Ledbury Fine-Twill in light blue |

Ledbury’s pale blue on their fine twill with a mid-spread collar.

The quality is lasting too. Wash after wash, on cool or warm with a tumble dry medium to low. Warm iron after that. I’m not the easiest on shirts (wearing or washing/ironing) but my Ledbury shirts have yet to give me an issue.

An exploration of one of Ledbury’s factories in Northern Poland.

They make a ton of different colors, patterns, and collar styles, and the winner here gets their choice of any three. If you’re new to Ledbury, strongly consider their mid-spread white and perfect-in-shade light blue fine twills. Yes, those colors & collars are foundation basics for any guy’s wardrobe, but getting three Ledbury shirts in those basic colors might re-define your idea of what your “good” go-to dress shirts should look and feel like. More specifically, they just might show you that your go-to shirts shouldn’t look and feel “good.” They should look and feel great.

Enter here to win three of Ledbury’s ready-to-wear shirts of your choice (up to a $500 value). No, you don’t have to get the fine twills, that was just a suggestion. You can get what you’d prefer. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 8/27/16. Thanks to Ledbury for once again participating in our Reader Appreciation Week!


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