A wise man once asked: “What the hell just happened?” And for good reason. There is value in looking back. It gives us all a good gauge as to what is good, and more importantly, what is not good, going forward. Sure, the “clip show” is mostly a cheap (affordable?) device to create new content out of already published stuff. But it’s also a good way to catch up in case you missed something. So cue the flashback music. Here’s the very best from the month that was…


Best Sale: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Best Sale: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

How is it that while the vast majority of other big department stores get it so wrong… Nordstrom does so much, so right? Free shipping and free returns. The brand curation is spot-on. In-house lines offer great style and quality for the cash. They’re the sweet spot between luxury and accessibility. And the anniversary sale is the epitome of that well balanced mid-point. Apologies for sounding like a fan-boy, but… c’mon.


Second Best Sale: The Suitsupply Online Outlet Returns

Second Best Sale: The Suitsupply Online Outlet Returns

Look, the only reason why this wasn’t right up there with Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is because everything was final sale with Suitsupply. That, and stock went extremely fast. But still. Suits from $199, shoes from $99, jackets from $159? It was Christmas in July for the bargain hunting menswear crowd. Pictured above are a pair of Made in Italy suede double monks that were picked up for $99. The outlet is closed now, but we’ll keep an ear to the ground for any future re-openings.


Most “Wheelhouse” Dappered Article: Best Watches < $200

Most "Wheelhouse" Dappered Article: Best Watches < $200

There are few products available for purchase that can range from $30 to $30,000. Watches are one of those products. And you can get a lot of timepiece for $200 (or less). As a whole, watches are an odd market. The economics are bizarre to say the least. Watches are functional tools. Yet they’re also a tool that has been rendered almost completely obsolete by the proliferation of digital gadgets. But some of us are just hooked on the damn things. There is an argument for wearing a wristwatch at the top of that post, but even if the life/death reminder resonates with you, they’re still wearable buggy whips.


Most Overused Background Prop for < $200 Watches: Alcohol

Most Overused Background Prop for < $200 Watches: Alcohol

Good gravy. The photographer (hi! it’s me!) who shot that watch post needs to expand his horizons. Anyway, just for the record, starting top left and rotating clockwise we have: Teeling Irish Whiskey (outstanding for the $30ish price tag.), a vintage Dewar’s White Label Scotch tray, Kopke 10 yr Tawny Port, and finally Bib and Tucker (above average taste, gorgeous bottle, and a bit pricey for what’s inside).


Best New Segment: The Under $100 Outfit

Best New Segment: The Under $100 Outfit

These are surprisingly difficult. Might have to make a rule for future outfits that shoes don’t always have to be included in the final price (especially when the weather starts to cool off). But, despite those challenges, expect more of these in the future.


Most Missed Timepiece: Orient Producer

Most Missed Timepiece: Orient Producer

It just really looks quite good with this outfit. And just looks good in general. Bring it back Orient! And while you’re at it, re-stock the Polaris in the similar color scheme. Please?


Most Shameless Reason to Mention Wendy Peffercorn: PF Flyers

Michael Squints Palledorous? You’re a goddamned hero. 4:06 for all the wins.


Most Unexpected New Arrival: J. Crew Factory Suede Jacket

Most Unexpected New Arrival: J. Crew Factory Suede Jacket

Really? Factory is making a suede, Cafe Racer style jacket? Sure, it’s plain, but they also were smart enough to leave off the elasticized cuffs and hem that many suede jackets come with. Those can grab, and those hems add visual weight around the middle. Not here. Keeping an eye on it for a deep, deep sale.


Best Dresed Mannequin: “Ichibod” in Types of Sportcoats

Best Dresed Mannequin: "Ichibod" in Types of Sportcoats

Yes, we know that the headless horseman’s name wasn’t Ichibod. But still, that’s his name. Dinner jacket is by Brooks Brothers (was on sale for $299, now sold out). Tuxedo shirt is by JC Penney (yes really). Bow tie and tux pants were picked up during the going out of business fire-sale at Cladmen. … Remember Cladmen??


Most Popular, Not-so-Normal Shoe Color: Taupe Suede

Most Popular, Not-so-Normal Shoe Color: Taupe Suede

In our defense, it is pretty versatile. Left: H&M Suede Bluchers. Right: 1901 Suede Chukkas. And then there’s those Suitsupply Double Monks at the top of the page. That’s a lotta taupe. Well… they say taupe is very soothing.


Most Practical Advice: Streamline your Sock Drawer

Most Practical Advice: Streamline your Sock Drawer

Cotton is crap to your feet. And while brightly colored and/or patterned socks are still on trend, they’re just not that versatile (and, almost certainly made of cotton). Seriously consider cutting out the crap in your sock drawer, and investing in a bunch of the basics. Why? Because wool is far, far superior in both comfort and durability. And if your feet are uncomfortable, the rest of you is probably uncomfortable. Yes you can have “fun” socks. Just make sure you’ve got a bunch of basic, lightweight wools as your foundation.


2nd Most Practical Advice: Ironing Order

2nd Most Practical Advice: Ironing Order

Front left, back left, middle back, back right, front right, right sleeve, right cuff, left sleeve, left cuff, middle collar, right collar point, left collar point… boom. On to the next one. (Note: That order is for right handed people. More info here.)


Most Anticipated Season: Autumn

Most Anticipated Season: Autumn

Just sayin’. An early arrival for fall? That wouldn’t be the worst thing. (Shown above is a Suitsupply soft tweed sportcoat which was just on sale in their online outlet.) 

Feeling Nostalgic? Here’s the archive containing previous editions of Best of the Month that Was.

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