9129 = 20% off $60+ at H&M (expires today, 7/27)

Like a lot of other retailers, H&M has been a little miserly with codes as of late. But today, and today only, they’re offering 20% off purchases of $60+, and it looks like that code, 9129, stacks with the free shipping at $40 code 0400.

Maybe. I think. Worked for me during a test run with their online shopping cart.

It is H&M, so, everything is pretty darn cheap. And thus, getting north of $60 can be a bit of a challenge. Some combinations might have to be made. Returns in store are free, but if you have to do it through the mail, you’re on the hook for a $5.95 pre-paid shipping label. Off we go with some (very) quick picks.


H&M “Premium Quality” Suede Chukkas – $63.99 ($79.99)

H&M "Premium Quality" Suede Chukkas

I know. You’re stunned. STUNNED that an earth tone, suede shoe or boot made it on this website. Totally understood, we’ve been banging that drum to death over the last few days. But still. Could be another made in Portugal winner from H&M. Thinking they’d look pretty good with pale grey or even white chinos at present, and down the road would do extremely well with dark wash jeans.


Italian Cotton/Linen Sportcoat – $103.20 ($129)

H&M Italian Cotton/Linen Sportcoat

H&M is sourcing fabric from Italy now? Interesting. 65% cotton, 35% linen. Nice summer-ready shade of medium blue. It is H&M, so don’t be shocked if it shows up with a very short tail. Just partially lined = perfect for the warmer weather. Don’t forget to carefully cut that tag off the left sleeve cuff. They do sell matching pants to make for a suit, but they’re all but sold out.


Merino Wool Long Sleeve Polo + Silk Knit Tie = $59.98 ($74.98)

H&M Merino Polo and Silk Tie

Long sleeve polos get an unfair bad rap, probably due to their bulky, almost rugby-shirt like cotton cousins. Slim, lean, and mean, this one is made out of Merino wool. And while it can absolutely be worn casually with jeans, it looks terrific with dark chinos or wool trousers. Kinda mod-ish. But the polo itself is under $60, so to get a discount you have to put something else into the cart to tip the balance. Going with a deep blue, knit tie here (obviously, not to be worn with the polo), that actually comes to a point instead of the usual squared off ends which most knit ties have.


“Premium Quality” Leather Briefcase – $103.20 ($129)

H&M "Premium Quality" Leather Briefcase

This thing actually has some potential. It carries the “premium quality” moniker that H&M slaps on the stuff that feels noticeably sturdier compared to their regular line. (Key word = sturdier… not bullet proof. It’s still H&M. It’s all relative. And it’s tough to fall off the floor.) They go out of their way in the description to say “thick” leather. And that tawny brown shade sure is eye catching. Does appear to have most of the characteristics a good work bag should have.


Made in Portugal Suede Derby Shoes –$55.99 ($69.99)

H&M Made in Portugal Suede Derby Shoes

Another “premium quality” item. And they do outperform the price. Full review here. Also shown at the top of the post.


Herringbone Linen-Blend Blazer – $79.20 ($99)

H&M Herringbone Linen-Blend Blazer

Mostly linen here, and fully lined. But it appears that at least the back is lined in either a cotton or cotton blend fabric? 67% linen, 33% cotton.


Premium Quality Chelsea Boots – $79.20 ($99)

H&M Premium Quality Chelsea Boots

An easy, inexpensive way to jump on board the Chelsea Boot train. If these leather pairs are like the suede option, they should be made in Portugal. And the suede IS still available. But, if it’s identical to last season’s dark brown suede chelsea, then expect heavy burnishing at the toe. Not a favorite look for many. But the leather pairs look clean.


Stretch Polo + Striped Polo + Sneakers + Belt = $55.16 total ($68.96)


Right. It’s H&M, so as already mentioned, it might take a bit to trip that sixty dollar threshold. Big fan of their stretch polos, albeit they aren’t as sturdy as some other brands. Inexpensive. Very, very inexpensive. But still, nice and smooth with a good amount of stretch.

Told you these picks were gonna be “quick.” H&M’s quality can be… suspect sometimes. Tread carefully. Also, some of their styles can be a little too trendy for this corner of the internet. Thus, not a ton of items picked above, but still, seems like plenty (not all) shop there and we try to keep it broad. The 20% off $60+ code 9129 expires today, 7/27/16.

Source: Dappered.com

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