What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Independence day is comin’ up quick. And that means BBQs, cold beer, and fireworks. Here’s one way to celebrate ‘murica’s birthday, all while wearing nothing but USA made goods.

Style Scenario: The 4th of July, all Made in the USA outfit | Dappered.com

The Polo: J. Crew Garment Dyed Polo – $55.00. Spendy, but their made in the USA garment dyed collection does go on sale from time to time. 4th of July usually = blazing hot. So go with a lighter colored polo to reflect at least some of the sun’s rays. Made in L.A.

The Shorts: Jomers Polka Dot Dark Chambray – $38. All but sold out, but Jomers is releasing new goods all the time. You just gotta get on their email list and pounce once the new items drop. Made in Manhattan.

The Hat: Ebbets Field Flannels Cotton USA Cap – $49.50. Yes, a USA baseball cap is very on the nose on the 4th, but the 4th is all about being unabashedly patriotic. Made in the USA, and unlike their heavier wool caps, this one is cotton with felt lettering.

The Sunglasses: American Optical Original Pilots – $50.60. An easy choice. Made in Massachusetts.

The Belt: Jomers Middagh Cotton Belt – $20. Another easy choice. Sturdy cotton. Italian leather trim. Twenty bucks.

The Water BottleJoin or Die Water Bottle – $29. BPA free. Aluminum. Made in Washington. A… passionate argument for appreciating the power that comes with being pro E Pluribus Unum. Hydrate. Last thing you want is to pass out from heat stroke and fireworks exhaust.

The Watch: Marteno Marquis Automatic – $595. Okay, so the movement is Japanese (and the case and various other parts are probably imported… but at least they’re assembled in the U.S. And they’re assembled one at a time, being that there are more than a couple customizations you get to make when ordering (dial color, hands, strap, etc.) Spendy for a Japanese automatic, but this newest “Marquis” design is quite easy on the eyes. Strap is made in the USA too.

The Wallet: Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet in Horween Chestnut – $79Made in the USA from Horween’s “Dublin” leather, which is cowhide that goes through the same recipe of oils that Cordovan goes through. Plus, it offers quick and easy access to cash. And the funnel cake stand most likely ain’t taking cards. More info here.

WARNING! BRACE YOURSELF FOR STICKER SHOCK… The Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Heritage Court Classic Low – $270. WOW those are expensive. But they’re made in Maine, use Horween’s #8 leather, are lined in horsehide, and are built to only get better with time. Want something cheaper, and you can also stand high-tops in the heat? Try the USA Made collection from PF Flyers. You could also wait until Gustin does another run of their boat shoes. (Do note that most of the Allen Edmonds casual collection is made in the Dominican Republic, otherwise, we would have certainly gone in that direction. There’s also retro New Balance sneakers if you like that look.)

The no-shows: Smartwool Merino Blend No-Show Socks – $13.95. Protect that $270 sneaker investment with some no-shows. Also made in the USA.

Source: Dappered.com

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