H&M Made in Portugal Suede Derby Shoes – $69.99

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We have another winner from the category of cheap H&M shoes that don’t feel like trash bags on your feet.

High standards, right?

In Review: H&M Suede Derby Shoes | Dappered.com

All kidding aside, these outperform the price. They’re made in Portugal, the suede is soft, the construction feels decent enough, and they’d be a perfect, versatile addition to any guy’s warm weather wardrobe. And they don’t have to be limited to summertime use either. Why not wear em’ in the fall with jeans and a cotton sportcoat?

Color isn’t a light, sandy shade like many classic bucks. It’s more of a darker brown-ish grey, and noticeably darker compared to the previously reviewed suede double monks. But the color is still plenty easy to wear with chinos, a summer suit, etc. And unlike classic bucks that often come with a bulbous, tall toe-box, these are pretty sleek. Helps them look a little more modern.

In Review: H&M Suede Derby Shoes | Dappered.com

There does appear to be just a touch of burnishing at the toe. Maybe. It’s really subtle, and most importantly, the nap of the suede hasn’t been ground down to nothing (or, at all) in the process. (Unlike some H&M suede shoes from the past. Seriously, what the hell was going on with those Chelsea toes?)

For sizing, a 10.5 fit my normally 10.5D feet quite well. If anything, they might be a little long in the toe, and during a quick, carpeted test run, they pinched the tops of my feet just a bit when walking. But it didn’t feel like break in time was gonna be long or painful. Should be able to wear them sockless, if you choose, after a few wearings.

Interior is lined with the same, soft leather that their suede double monks came with. Made in Portugal just like those monks too. Not bad for seventy bucks. And at this point, it might be safe to assume that the next “Premium Quality” suede shoe H&M comes out with should be another bargain from the land of Ronaldo.

In Review: H&M Suede Derby Shoes | Dappered.com

Source: Dappered.com

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