Jack Erwin “Cooper” in Slate or Caramel Nubuck, or Navy Full Grain – $125

Can a boat shoe be sexy? Maybe in a super subtle way?

Okay, boat shoe = sexy is probably a stretch. But if it is possible, then Jack Erwin’s Cooper would be a step above the rest of boat-shoedom in the va-va-voom department. They just aren’t your average “wear em’ to death as an afterthought” boat shoes.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoe | Dappered.com

Slimmer looking than an average boat shoe.

With a noticeably sleeker toe box and longer vamp than standard boat shoes, the Cooper looks extra aerodynamic. It’s still a boat shoe though, and while the moc toe comes to a sharper apex than a Sperry or Sebago, it’s not pointy. Nicely rounded. Just has a bit more of a front end to it than the competition.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoe | Dappered.com

Nice stitching and materials.

The comfort is there too. These might be a great option for guys who want something summery and casual, wouldn’t normally pick standard, stumpier boat shoes, but also want a shoe with more durability and structure than a canvas sneaker. Made in Portugal with a Bologna Construction, they’re sturdy but also flexible. They feel like a shoe you could spend an entire day in, without your feet barking like they would in a flimsy pair of CVOs. No half sizes available, but on Jack Erwin’s suggestion I sized down from my usual 10.5 D to a 10 for testing. Fit was great. No gaps. No pinching. No blister inducing slipping.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoe | Dappered.com

Made in Portugal with Bologna stitch construction.

Materials are quite nice. And while $125 isn’t cheap for regular ol’ boat shoes, these look and feel like an upgrade in terms of what they’re made of (and where they’re made). The nubuck is very nice. A buzz cut of a nap and very soft. Didn’t get a chance to test the navy leather option, but it’s full grain. The stitching is even, the eyelets are reinforced with clean, matte grommets, and the rawhide laces grip well when knotted.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoe | Dappered.com

Versatile enough to wear with shorts, linen trousers, etc.

Some guys will never be able to think of boat shoes as anything more than flip flops with a roof. To plenty, boat shoes aren’t supposed to be “nice”. They’re utilitarian classics that don’t need to be dressed up. But for those who want a versatile, casual summer shoe that offers more support and style than a sneaker? Then Jack Erwin’s $125, made in Portugal Cooper is worth a good strong look.

Enter here to win a pair of Jack Erwin Coopers in your choice of color (pending availability). One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 12:59 PM ET on 6/2/16. Many thanks to Jack Erwin for providing their latest design for a review and giveaway!

Source: Dappered.com

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