WEEKEND = 40% off Sale Styles (& 30% off select reg.) through 5/31/16

While most of us are back to work, J. Crew is still on sale. They extended their 30% off select regular price goods deal through today, Monday 5/31, while bumping up the % off sale items to 40% off over the weekend. And while they were at it, they appear to have dumped some new inventory into their sale section.

Sadly, there’s still no sign of their fantastic, summerweight sportcoats getting any kind of discount. Those once again are excluded. But a few summer ready goods have hit their sale section, and the extra 40% off makes them extra tempting for those of us looking to pick up something specific for the warm weather ahead. Code WEEKEND expires today, 5/31/16.


Ludlow Suit Jacket + Matching Pant in Italian Chino = $261.60 ($456)

J. Crew Ludlow Suit Jacket + Matching Pant in Italian Chino

Probably the star of this show. Sure, it’s only “on sale” for ten bucks off, but the extra 40% off really helps here, and summer wedding season is upon us. Crisp Italian Chino. Easy to tailor, non functioning sleeve buttons. Half-canvas construction. Description says it’s just a partial lining too. And that anchor grey is a perfect way to stand out, quietly, in a sea of khaki this time of year.


The Hill-Side USA Made Green Chambray Pocket Square – $14.99 ($39)

The Hill-Side USA Made Green Chambray Pocket Square from J. Crew

And here’s something to stick in the pocket of that anchor grey chino suit. Wear a light blue dress shirt, some good looking brown leather or suede shoes, and you’ll be set for most weddings this season.


Ludlow Traveler Wool Suit Jacket + Matching Pant = $408 ($700)

J. Crew Ludlow Traveler Wool Suit

Nice. The jacket was in the sale section on Thursday, but the pants were tough to find at first (they got added a little later). Now the pants are in there. Not a screamin’ deal for a suit, but if you like the Ludlow cut? They can be tough to find on a discount. And now with the discount, these come in right around the Suitsupply blue line. Traveler wool = a high twist wool (should be 100% wool if memory serves) that’s better at resisting creases than other wools. Still drapes and feels fine. Review of the J. Crew Factory “Voyager” line can be found here. Similar, but a step down in quality. These Ludlows should be better. Slightly scattered sizing on the pants.


Shorts: $29.99 – $35.99 

J. Crew Shorts

Goodness, the opening retail price for J. Crew shorts sure is steep. But when on sale? They seem reasonable. And most of their offerings are different enough compared to chino or other basic shorts on the market. (Speaking of, what the heck happened to the Target Merona Oxford Cloth shorts? They not makin’ em’ this year? They just doing chambray?)


Irish Linen/Cotton Chino in 770 Fit – $35.99 ($79.50)

J. Crew Irish Linen/Cotton Chino in 770 Fit

A true slim pant in a perfect for the warm weather “Deep Cove” blueish/maybe greenish a bit(?) hue. Blend of linen and cotton. This is their 770 fit, so the leg opening is just 14 3/4″.


Long Sleeve Variegated Stripe Tee – $19.99 FINAL ($49.50)

J. Crew Long Sleeve Variegated Stripe Tee

A lightweight cotton layer for when the sun goes down or the sun is threatening to fry your bare skin to a deep crisp. Final sale here, so no returns.


Ludlow Suit Pant in Engineer Striped Cotton – $59.99 ($158)

J. Crew Ludlow Suit Pant in Engineer Striped Cotton

Says it’s a suit pant, but the jacket is nowhere to be found. That’d be a lot of bold stripes anyway. But using these as a summer-ready trouser seems like a fine play all the same. Bet they’d look good with a navy polo and some bucks.


Italian Flannel Ludlow Jacket & Matching Pant = $317.99 ($650)

J. Crew Italian Flannel Ludlow Suit

Obviously very much out of season (unless you’re somewhere chilly in the southern hemisphere) but could be a great, off-season pickup for the guy who’s suited and a bit daring in the fall. And don’t sleep on the ability of these to be broken up. The jacket would probably look darn good with jeans, while the trousers would look really smart with a v-neck sweater and light blue dress shirt. Crosby fit also available, with those jackets and pants found here and here. Barberis Italian flannel on both of these.


Traditional Weatherwear Wool Jacket in Navy or Charcoal – $198 – $210

J. Crew Traditional Weatherwear Wool Jacket

Also incredibly out of season. But still. Want. Made in Scotland. Gorgeous, quilted wool shells. Dual vents in the rear for easy of movement. Sadly, sizing is pretty limited. Reg. $395 – $420. Is it October yet?

And now, a few items that are full price but still worth a mention since they get 30% off…


Italian Cotton Pique Suits in Ludlow or Crosby Fit – $388.20 ($546)

J. Crew Italian Cotton Pique Suits

Not in the sale section, so it doesn’t get 40% off, but 30% off instead. Pique has a bit more texture than a smooth chino, so expect that here with these Italian fabric suits. Available in the slim Ludlow or more generous Crosby cut. Ludlow comes in either a “stone” shade or the blue “French Navy” shown above. Crosby is only available in French Navy.


Cotton/Cashmere Crew in Navy Stripe – $48.65 ($69.50)

J. Crew Cotton/Cashmere Crew in Navy Stripe

Still a little spendy for a simple cotton/cashmere crew, but they nailed the pattern and colors with this one. Cotton/cashmere is a nice mix of soft but not overly deep in terms of the knit. Somewhere between a long sleeve tee and a thick sweater. Not a trim fit, so if you’re super slim, know that you’ll have a little extra through the sides.


Kenton Suede Bucks in Boulder – $138.60 ($198)

J. Crew Kenton Suede Bucks

A super-versatile buck with a slightly slimmer profile than traditional summer bucks. Goodyear welt too. Wear em’ now with jeans, and wear em’ later on with your lightweight summer gear. Also available as a wingtip for a few dollars more.


Navy Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan – $82.60 ($118)

J. Crew Navy Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan

Looks like a navy version of the black textured cotton cardigan they made a year or so ago. Got that one myself, and can’t speak highly enough of it. Really nice texture to that thing. (Hoping it’s the same here?) Almost… rough? Linen like? Not some squishy sweatshirt or cotton crew material. Works great in the summer or winter.


Legacy Blazer in Ludlow or Crosby Fit – $271.60 ($388)

J. Crew Legacy Blazer | Dappered.com

No, their outstanding summer weight blazers aren’t up for the 30% off. In fact, have those summerweight sportcoats gone for any sort of discount since their debut? Can’t say that they have. Anyway, their awesome “legacy” blazers are up for the 30% off. Gonna have to wait until it cools off to use it with some consistency, but the half lining, buttery soft wool, and beautiful shade of deep navy make it tempting all the same.

Source: Dappered.com

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