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WHO’S SCHOOLING WHO? “Alexa, am I getting myself into trouble?” Then there’s this.

THEY’RE NOT EVEN TRYING ANYMORE: Is there a more icky organization to be found in major sports? Oh wait, never mind.

TUMBLR STEPS IN: I can attest to seeing this in action. I can’t even believe that we are now relying on a social media program to carry out a health service but apparently that’s where we are at.



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Lloyd Bridges and Jeff Bridges, 1951 Photo by Murray Garrett

VIVA LA FRANCE! More of this please. I used to make fun of the French for striking over everything and anything but now I appreciate the fact that there is still some power to the workers there. Not so much here. Being expected to work during your personal time is obnoxious and by doing it by force or by choice only makes it more difficult to stop.  And for the record, I’m just looking for a little balance here. Editor’s Note: I once had a job where employees were provided with a “work” mobile phone. A blackberry no less. I didn’t have it in my hands less than five minutes when my then-boss said “now you can get your work emails at home!” I knew I would hate that phone from then on. And I did. 

SONOFABISCUIT: Have you used LinkedIn? Adobe products? You should probably immediately go over here and see if you got the bad news I got.

DOSSIER UPDATE: Remember last week’s post about the crazy, huge cemetery battle in Moscow? About that…


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THE POLITICS OF POT: Some people really don’t want to see weed legalized. At all.

PLUGS AND RUGS: The long, strange tale behind the most astounding hair in the US of A.  Uh, then there’s this.

GRAMMAR MATTERS: Huh. Never would have guessed that about Texas. 

NOPE. NO. NOT-UH: All is terrific fun and games as long as you don’t think about what’s in there with you.


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IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE: Don’t shoot the messenger. Editor’s Note II: Goddammit.

NETFLIX AND FIRING IT UP: The big cable companies and those with the keys to the interwebs are not going to like this much. I can’t wait to hear how my cable company spins this for me. Because they have some ‘splaining to do.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Critical thinking skills are a splendid addition to any person’s bag of tricks.

PSSSSSST: This is going to make some people very, very unhappy. Also, maybe a little uncomfortable. Little bit. Editor’s Note Tres: It’s just a matter of time. Or, maybe smart people save our lives. 

PERSPECTIVE: When I was this age I was nothing thing like this kid. I guess I’m ok with that. Is it wrong to hope that this guy stays healthy?


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