What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. The unofficial start to summer is in a few days, and most of us will be kicking back enjoying some beer and grilled meat (or a “quee-no”) with friends. Remember, it’s a BBQ. Not a runway during fashion week. That’s why we’re going real simple here.

The Polo: Banana Republic Luxe Touch Piped Pocket Polo – $29.70 w/ BRTAKE40 ($49.50). Super slick cotton and plenty of retro/classic style without looking like you’re trying too hard. A favorite around these parts.

The Watch: Seiko Solar Prospex Chrono – $159.00Canvas band  = Casual. Plus this model is built to take whatever summer can throw at it. Sun, sweat, etc. Also nice to have a chronograph on hand (or, on wrist) if you’re manning the grill and you’re a bit particular about grilling times/desire to not under or overcook what you’re working on.

The Extra Layer: J. Crew Textured Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan – $118.00. Something to stash in the trunk of your car, or, just flat out bring along in case the party skates on into the evening. Good to have on hand if you’re hosting just in case a guest (especially a cute guest) gets cold. Increases most guy’s handsome quotient by at least 10% when worn (a shawl collar like this really is tough to beat in terms of classic masculinity). On sale often. Spendy, but J. Crew builds their beefier shawl collar sweaters to last.

The Sunglasses: Suitsupply Keyhole Sunglasses in Light Brown Tortoise – $79.00. Italian acetate, a perfect price (tough to find decent, retro-styled shades for under $100 thanks to Luxottica), and they claim there’s an anti glare coating to these? Also ships and returns free.

The Entertainment: Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc in Nite Glow – $9.25. The great thing about frisbee is that it can be played fast or lazy. Between two people or a big group. Just don’t get beer’d up and tear an ACL trying to show off. Especially in the dark, which this disc is made for.

The Shorts: Target Merona Club Short in Grey Chambray – $20 ($24.99.) Inexpensive as it is, but now on sale. Chambray weave fabric keeps them lighter than a standard, thick, chino short. Pale grey goes with everything.

The Belt: Suitsupply Leather and Linen Belt – $39. A mixed-media belt from Suitsupply that ships and returns for free.

The Shoes: Nordstrom 1901 “Hampton” Boat Shoe – $59.96 ($99.95). Somewhere between a true boat shoe and a driver. Looks like it might have better support/cushoning than a standard driver as well? Maybe? Lots of shades to pick from. Nubuck uppers. Nordy house brands are usually pretty dependable when it comes to the quality to price ratio too.

The Socks: Smartwool Merino Blend No-Show Socks – $13.95. Wool > Cotton. Always. Especially in warmer weather where avoiding blisters and funk is crucial. Special no-slip pads at the interior heel keep these from slipping down under your foot while wearing.

The Beer: Lagunitas Daytime IPA (4.65% ABV). A lower ABV session-style beer, so easy to drink without hammering you over the head with ethanol, yet also clocks in at a respectable 54 IBUs. So, you’ll get that crisp bitterness.

The Hostess/Host Gift: Flowers. Or Beer. If there’s a female hosting the grill out you’re attending, bring some flowers. They don’t have to be extravagant. A bunch of tulips will do just fine, but they’ll convey appreciation to the host for putting on the shin-dig. If it’s a guy hosting, bring a good bottle of beer he can add to his collection. Trader Joe’s can be a great place to pick up either of these at a very reasonable cost.

Source: Dappered.com

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