DISCLAIMER: I begin with an apology dressed up as an insurance policy. Understanding one’s audience is important. Our Dappered community is sophisticated and smart. I appreciate and value the time you spend here. I would never do anything to risk that. Except, apparently, post a cat gif. I go out of my way to avoid feline oriented content. Mostly. My apology for breaching that trust. Oh yeah, there’s some politics stuff in here this week too. Meow, on with the show.


The Struggle is Real from orbo-gifs.tumblr.com | The Weekend Dossier on Dappered(thank you)

WHERE TO START? Maybe with the fact that this story is about the “inventor” of Sea Monkeys massive estate? Or with the part about the 1960’s bondage film actress? That’s just some of this drama playing out right now.

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? This is the kind of stuff that happens more than we ever hear about. That should change.

C’MON GUYS…don’t make me explain what all this is about.

THE VERY VERY LARGE MAN: You probably know about this guy. Thor needs sustenance. So he can do this shit. Then there’s this guy. And because I don’t know where else to put this, here’s a former member of House Slytherin.


While the world is rightfully focused on Lemonade, in light of recent events, I thought this appropriate. Plus, also, …amazing. The woman is a force.

IN A PERFECT WORLD…This will haunt him. Or at least it should. This is not without precedent from the other side of the aisle.

YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY: Oh sure, this is impressive and everything, but last week I accidentally took a handful of laxatives thinking they were allergy pills. I am not proud. Also, that sucked.

FURTHER PROOF THAT…I am a petulant, vindictive pile of sick: this made me laugh.


Alfie fromthas-fandom.tumblr.com | The Weekend Dossier on Dappered(thank you)

SOUR GRAPES: On the one hand, this is a perfect example of wealthy people buying elections. On the other hand, oops…no he didn’t.

NOT GONNA LIE: This is all sorts of creepy.

‘MURICA: This is maybe the greatest photo you will see this week. Suggested playlist: this should work.


Charlie Brown Easy Rider from randar.com | The Weekend Dossier on Dappered(thank you)

DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE: For reals. This might help?

THE REAL GRINGOTTS: This is pretty much a Bond movie locale waiting to happen.

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE: This was a smart move.


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