Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


B.R.: 40% off Full Priced Styles w/ BRSAVE (lots of exclusions though)

Banana Republic Goods

Look what’s back! That Italian leather briefcase. And it brought with it a pretty darn handsome “Deep Mahogany” leather tote. I know, I know. Not all guys “get” totes. The thing about totes are… if you need to use one? With some regularity? You’ll get it. It’s really nice to have a solid quality, re-usable tote in the trunk of your car. Makes hauling stuff into work easier (or, possible) and is great for short trips to the grocery store. Sure appears to be the same Italian leather they used on the briefcase? Meanwhile, more luxe-touch polos are in. Standard collar this time, but the piped edges and pocket are a nice touch. Just a heads up that BR Picks are excluded from this code. And there are a lot of BR picks right now. Plus, the item has to be full price for the 40% off to work.


Billy Reid: Spring Sale 25% – 50% off

Billy Reid Jackets

Feels like an end-of-season (winter) clearance with just a little bit of some warm weather stuff sprinkled in. Not amazing, but could be a good way to source a really high quality splurge for a discount. Beware of final sale items though. They’re in there.


J. Crew: 30% off Select Reg. / 40% off Sale Items w/ SCORE

J. Crew Suit and Shoes

Alrighty fellas. Summer wedding season is fast approaching, and if you’ve got a more dressed up affair coming up quick, and you need a new suit or pair of shoes? Make sure you leave time for shipping and/or tailoring. Meanwhile, stay tuned for next week’s annual three summer-wedding style scenarios (super casual, smart, and way dressed up). Now for this code? Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, their new summer-weight blazers are excluded. As are all other sportcoats and the vast majority of suiting.


Gustin: Horween Leather Weekender – $???

Gustin Horween Weekender

They aren’t up for pre-funding yet, so not quite sure how much they’ll go for. But don’t expect them to be cheap. They did a few tote bags featuring Horween leather, and those went for $247 a pop. So expect to shell out some serious cash on the weekender. But good gracious. Look at it. #8 Chromexcel no less. Word from their Instagram page is that these should go up for sale tomorrow, Friday 4/29? They’re also doing a drawing to give one away. Enter to win is over here.


DSW: $10 off $69, $25 off $139, $40 off $199 w/ SPRINGSAVINGS

dsw trio

It’s a tiered sale from DSW, and you almost certainly have to log into your rewards account to use the code (it’s just their email list, and they keep the emails to a relative minimum) but the savings are pretty legitimate. Don’t expect too much in the ways of quality with that Steve Madden pair. But at least it’s cheap suede, and not cheap smooth leather. Cheap suede is almost always much better than the smooth stuff. Meanwhile, Mercanti Fiorentini, DSW’s house made Italian line, has a real nice looking plain toe oxford in Burgundy. Could look great up against a navy suit or any number of summer suit fabrics. Code expires Sunday, 5/1.


BONNUS = UNIQLO: 2 for $29.90 Polo Deal + New Polo Styles

UNIQLO Shirt Collar Polo

The Obvious Pick: Ummm… 2 polos for $29.90 (reg. $39.80)

Yes, UNIQLO is still running their two for $29.90 polo deal. Been mentioned plenty of times in the handful before. But, they appear to have stocked up on new styles, patterns, and collars in terms of their polo selection. For those that don’t like the button down collar on UNIQLO’s dry-fabric polos? They’re now offering a plain, point, shirt-collar option. Less likely to flop and curl, but without the buttons.

Also worth a mention:

  • Ralph Lauren: Their Private Sale ends today.
  • Timex: 20% off + Free Shipping w/ MOM20.
  • GAP: 40% off w/ SHINE (usual exclusions seem to apply)
  • FormFunctionForm: 20% off w/ ImOnABoat


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