What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads has become a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


Are Neckties going Extinct? How Often Do You Wear a Tie?

How often do you wear a tie?| Threads.Dappered.com

The necktie was once a must for any well dressed man. But does that still hold true? Ties are being worn less and less by the majority of men as workplace dress codes become more and more casual. Many guys still find a way to wear one once or twice per week, though they usually bring the ever-present commentators (Why are you so dressed up? or “Who died?”). Comments like these motivate some (haters gon’ hate) but discourage others. Chime in over on Threads. How often do you wear a tie?


Building a Shoe Collection – Where to Start, Mistakes to Avoid

Building a Shoe Collection | Threads.Dappered.com

Starting a shoe wardrobe can be daunting. What shoes do you start with? How much do you spend? New user raffatuzzi came to Threads to find answers to these questions and more. Lots of guys chimed in with their own opinions. Suede chukkas and brown brogues got a lot of love. Perhaps the best advice came from devastitis: buy quality, not quantity, and be patient. Find yourself in a similar situation? Check out the $1500 Wardrobe and the Four-Shoe Wardrobe for more ideas.


Home Furnishing – Inspiration, Tips, & More

Stylish Decor | Threads.Dappered.com

Threads isn’t just about attire. Dismal Science hit up Threads looking for advice on classy home furnishings and decor. Members offered their perspectives on what to buy on the cheap and what to save up for. When you’re trying something new, it’s wise to get something inexpensive until you have your at-home aesthetic nailed down. Once you know what you want, you’ll have to spend some dough to get something of quality, but it will pay off in the long-run. For even more advice on this, check out the last two Ask A Woman articles. (photo credit)


What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today | Threads.Dappered.com

Feeling uninspired? Head on over to the WIWT thread for some fresh ideas. Threads members have rocked some stellar getups over the past few weeks as Spring has sprung. thecharlesg showed off some bold spring suits. JDI kept it simple & monochrome with an all-blue casual outfit. dangerpenguin pulled off an olive-green blazer with ease. JBarwick’s slubby striped tie was spot-on for the season. Fellow Threads moderator LesserBlackDog displayed his mastery of spring layers. Join in and show us your favorite outfits.




Vinyl’s never gone away, and it’s experienced a resurgence in the past few years. Turns out many of the guys on Threads are vinyl aficionados. APinNC plans to convert a record table into a record player/wet bar combo. ForeverGuest is bringing up his kids on vinyl, especially Motown. Lots of members shared their equipment setups. Are you into vinyl and turntables? Weigh in! (photo credit)

Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Many thanks to moderator BJ Mcgeever for assembling this month’s Best of Threads. Top Photo: Ethan K.

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