Fresco, Italian for Fresh

Lightweight menswear fabric is not all about linen and cotton. I know, wearing wool on hot days can seem counter-intuitive, but the right wool (bred in Australian, tightly spun into very thin yarns, then woven with a porous texture) is as light and breathable as it gets.

Take Fresco for example; a crisp, cool wool that’s designed for maximum breathability. The word fresco is derived from the Italian word affresco, which means ”fresh”. It’s a textured open weave (similar to hopsack) made from tropical wool that’s best known for it’s airy property – you can literally feel a light breeze pass right through this beauty and it can keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Fresco is the perfect non-crease alternative to linen – it has a crisp, dry texture that serves to draw moisture to the exterior and allow it to evaporate. So if you’re not the type to embrace the casual crumple of linen (although we wish you would) you’ll absolutely love Fresco because of it’s superior wrinkle-releasing qualities. It isn’t a fragile fabric either; it’s made by twisting several long yarns together in order to give it the strength needed to compensate for the fabric’s loose weave.

With that said, we hit the streets of Los Angeles with three different gentlemen (Dietrich, Will and David) on a hot day to make sure they could each stay cool in our Medium Grey Fresco.


Medium Grey Fresco 3-Piece Suit

We also have this Italian Fresco fabric available in other colors. Just shoot me an email ( once you’ve filled out your client account, and I can personally help you put together a summer wardrobe including this incredible cloth.

Click to enlarge for fabric texture. 

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Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.

Source: Articles of Style

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