What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. So we’re almost to March. Some of you are starting to see signs of spring. Some of you… aren’t quite there yet. Eventually we’ll all get to that point where winter is starting to fade, but it feels colder than it looks. Mornings can be cold, but if the sun comes out, it might be warm in the afternoon on the way home. Here’s one way to add in some lighter weights and colors once that (finally) happens. 

Style Scenario: Not Quite Spring… | Dappered.com

The Blazer: Banana Republic Modern Slim Gray Chambray – $198. Darn right it’s the Northern Lights. In their new, true-trim “Modern slim” fit. More polished than many other rumpled cotton blazers, this one still works in the lighter look of Chambray for spring.

The Button Down: L.E. “Sail Rigger” Shirt in Sea Cliff Blue Check – $34.65 w/ BEST & 3001. And here comes the color. Varying shades of blue keep it from getting too goofy. Available in their slim fit, traditional fit, or the in-between “tailored” fit. Code is their currently running F&F deal, which is good for 30% off through 3/1.

The Sunglasses: Warby Parker Polarized “Barkley” – $95. Annnnnd blue lenses. Sweet.

The Coat: Old Navy Cotton/Spandex Mac – $55.95 w/ YAYSALE ($69.94). Dead friggin’ simple. And that’s a good thing. Trench inspired tabs at the cuffs, but that’s it. Hidden placket. 3% spandex gives a little stretch to it.

The Gloves: Club Monaco Washed Leather Glove – $29.00 ($129.50). It’s that time of year where gloves are still a necessity in the morning and evening, but the heavy coats can start to stay in the closet. Lined here, but shouldn’t be too thick or weighty. Washed leather gives it a different look and texture than standard stuff.

The Boots: J. Crew Suede Kenton Pacer Boots – $107.99 w/ SALETIME ($228). A word to the wise: These got silly cheap last year. So, keep an eye out for them to possibly drop further in price. Goodyear welted. Rich suede exteriors. A nice transitional boot.

The Umbrella: Totes Auto Wood Stick Umbrella – $20.00. A total classic. Not enormous like a golf umbrella, not tiny like something that could fit inside your work bag. Perfect for one or two people.

The Jeans: Levi’s 505 in Tumbled Rigid – $39.99. Or, as always and forever and ever… whatever your favorite pair of dark denim happens to be.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Blue Dial – $95. On Monday, Primer pointed out that END clothing had the new Red Wing Waterbury’s,  but those sold fast. (Note: the timepiece itself has been around for a while, so it might be worth getting and switching out the stock strap for something beefier?) But also over at END is this new Blue Dial Waterbury. Big fan of the entire collection.

The Belt: Everlane Single-Sided-Belt in Rhum – $45. Italian leather. Made in San Francisco.

The Briefcase: Filson Original Brief in Tan – $265.00Made in the USA and can be tough to find on sale. Worth every single penny even if you have to get it at full price.

Top photo (which is terrific): Leigh Anne M

Source: Dappered.com

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