What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads has become a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


Warm Weather Winter Wedding

J. Crew Factory Thompson Suit Jackets

Say that five times fast. Not sure what to wear to a wedding? Head on over to the Threads for some always-solid advice. Gabe Gador found himself in a tricky style scenario. What do you wear to an afternoon wedding in San Francisco in February while it’s sunny and in the upper 60’s? His suit options were limited: black wool or seersucker; basically polar opposites. Opinions were split. Black in the afternoon? No way, some said. He could end up looking like a waiter. Seersucker in February? Not a chance. Others suggested ditching the suit and going for an odd jacket and trousers. Now, we’re waiting in suspense to see what Gabe decided.


Style Regrets


You don’t turn effortlessly stylish in a day. Developing a personal style takes time. It’s a path often filled with regrets: needless purchases, tacky shoes, and enormous cargo shorts. Threads played host to confessionals as the guys spilled the beans on their own style mistakes. The most common regret among Threads members was unnecessary purchases. It sure seemed smart at the time to pay full retail for your entire, massive collection of Banana Republic shirts. Now? Not so much. We’ve all also been suckered in to buying something simply because it’s on sale. Every mistake you can think of has been made: cargo shorts, square-toe shoes, black polyester suits. Fortunately, Dappered’s a safe haven and we all get it. We’ve been there. (photo credit)


Fitness Recommendations

Fitness Recommendations | The Best of Threads on Dappered.com

Looking good isn’t just about wearing the right styles in the right fits; it starts with being fit. New member Guy in Atlanta came to the threads in search of fitness resources. He came to the right place. Threads members use a huge variety of workout programs: P90X, High Intensity Intervals, kettlebells, Stronglifts, and more. The advice came with a disclaimer: fitness and strength-training are very personal. Just because it works for one guy doesn’t meet it will work for you.


Haircuts, Barbers & Salons

Barber Pole

Finding someone to cut your hair the way you want it at a price you like can be tough. Danny came to the Threads in search of someone to do just that. Turns out Threads members get their hair taken care of in a variety of ways: old-school barber shops, salons, super-cheap chains (Supercuts, Fantastic Sam’s, etc.). Matthewisch and Tmann even take care of it themselves with clippers. Wherever you chose to go, the key is consistency. Find someone who will listen to critiques each time you come back in until it’s dialed in just right.


What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today | The Best of Threads on Dappered.com

Our members keep WIWT rolling with serious style. sskim3 rocked a seasonal get-up with a glen plaid tweed jacket, grenadine tie and tweed pants. CJMichaelRay brought it with a two-tone check shirt, knitted tie and shell cordovan longwings. JBarwick showed off some seriously sexy oxblood cap-toe brogues. LesserBlackDog put on some texture with a thick-wale corded jacket over a sweater. thecharlesg pulled off a daring plaid, double-breasted SuitSupply sport coat with some serious lapels.

Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Many thanks to moderator BJ Mcgeever for assembling this month’s Best of Threads. Top Photo: Ethan K.

Source: Dappered.com

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