Saturday night used to be the high (and low?) point of the weekend. It’s when you made all your biggest plans. Bar hopping, party throwing, binge drinking–there’s no denying it was fun to be so young and…bounce-backable. But those days are no more for many of us. Besides the fact that it’s getting harder to recover from a night of too much fun, we also have stuff to do on Sundays. If we own homes, there’s some inevitable chore–shoveling, raking, mowing, repairing, painting. If we’re pursuing a professional track in our careers, there’s often some preparation for a week of work. And if we’re in a relationship, there’s the possibility of a date.

Yes, Sunday is the new Saturday for spending time with a new or established love. I love this idea on several levels. First, is there any better way to deal with the Sunday blues than knowing you have something fun and romantic planned? Second, Sunday dates are more likely to be quality time spent with your love. Less possibility of falling into the bottom of a wine bottle, and more probability of good conversation. Here’s how to do it.


Fresh Air

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It’s winter. Most of us work inside. Make Sunday a day when you get outside and breathe in some of that glorious fresh air, no matter how cold. Pile on the layers, wear warm and comfortable shoes, and plan a hike or long walk (or ski or snowshoe?) with your love. Go first thing in the morning and end the trek with a stop at a fantastic coffee shop.


Bon Appetit

Sunday is the new Saturday date night | Ask A Woman on

Apparently “Meal Prep Sunday” has become…a thing. Like, a cultural phenomenon–people across the country are stocking their fridges with dozens of mason jar salads. But I’m all for it. Making healthy foods ahead of time prevents a desperate trip to Smashburger. Not that I did that this week. Anyway, prep food with your honey on Sunday afternoon or evening. You can each pick a healthy lunch recipe and dinner recipe (variety will help you stay interested in sticking to your plan), then chop and stir together while catching up with a great podcast. (photo credit)


Binge Watching

Sunday is the new Saturday date night | Ask A Woman on

So this is not the most productive date suggestion…but it’s delightfully indulgent. If you generally feel blahhhh on Sundays because you sense the weight of the week pressing down on you, why not try to get all your errands and chores out of the way before Sunday, then use that day to totally veg? Put on some slippers, make a pot of coffee, lounge on the couch and catch up on all those saved shows on your DVR.


Do Good

Sunday is the new Saturday date night | Ask A Woman on

Use a couple hours of your Sunday to volunteer with your better half. Volunteering might sound like a drag, but if you find something that’s a good fit for your interests and abilities, it’s great. Seriously. And, it’s a fantastic way to spend time with the one you love. Together you can take those poor homeless dogs at your local shelter for a walk, or serve a meal at a soup kitchen, or paint a house for a family in need. Make it your Sunday routine and I guarantee you’ll feel a lot less blah about the start of the week, and a lot more in sync with your sweetheart. (photo credit)

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