What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Snow can be fun. Blizzards can also be extremely dangerous. If you’re stuck in the latter, keep an ear to what the authorities are saying, and stay off the streets until they give the all clear. Top Photo credit: E. Dickinson

The Coat: Made in England Original Montgomery Mens Duffle Coat – $349. No, it’s not cheap. But it is made in England, a total classic, and the Duffel coat is designed to fend off the worst old man winter has to offer. If you’re up to your rib cage while digging out from the blizzard, skip the fancy top coat and go with a parka or something like this.

The Hat: J. Crew Wool Jacqard Hat – $17.99 FINAL w/ GETSHOPPING ($79.50). Classic look, ridiculous full retail price. Now it’s down to under twenty bucks. All wool.

The Sweater: J. Crew Factory Lambswool Shawl Collar – $49.99. Perfect for layering under the duffel coat (flip the collar up) and great for inside once you’re done tackling (or at least taking a break from) the white death that has descended upon your dwelling. All lambswool, so it’ll breathe and keep you warm at the same time. On clearance, so codes should drop it further.

The Belt: GAP Rugged Leather Belt – $34.95Looks about right for a day where you’ll be stuck around the house.

The Watch: Casio 200m Dive Watch – $41.11Crazy value for the money. 200m water resistance (so, should do fine in the drifts). Tough looking as well as tough acting. Forget watches with a leather strap on a day that’ll be immersed in frozen water. Bezel even rotates so you can time how long you’ve been outside digging out if you’re keeping track of calories burned.

The Pants: B.R. Flannel Lined Slim Fit Aiden Chino – $69.99 ($79.50). 97% cotton, 3% spandex, and flannel lined for extra warmth. Should drop significantly more with codes.

The Entertaiment: “Ticket to Ride” Board Game – $38.99. You’re a Railroad Tycoon trying to dominate your competition. Hardly a better, G-rated way to spend a day that could be without electricity.

The Blanket: Woolrich 50″ x 60″ 85% wool / 15% Nylon Buffalo Check Blanket – $72.61. If you’d care to, you can immerse yourself in the “Joe from Dappered likes nice quality blankets” tangent over here.

The Shoveling Refreshment Container: Stanley Classic Flask – $23.99. Nothing gives you the courage or will to help dig out your (good-for-nothing whining knob) neighbor’s car like a quick snort of Pendleton 1910.

The Socks: Made in the USA WigWam Ingenious Boot Sock – $17.18. 55% merino wool. Pretty close to indestructible. Not too bulky, not too thin. Doesn’t slouch like many other boot socks.

The Gloves: Kodiak Pigskin Suede Gloves – $10.89. Skip the dress gloves. If you’ve got ski gloves? Great. Those work too. If you’re looking for something in-between (read: can work in more situations that just digging out from a blizzard) then these pigskin gloves, on clearance at STP no less, should do well.

The Boots: Sorel Caribou Wool Boot – $119.90 ($170). If snow boots can be sexy, then these are sexy. Great price for the legendary brand.

The Sunglasses: Ray Ban “Alex” 59 mm Aviator – $76.98 ($125). As close as most of us will want to get to actual mountaineering sunglasses. Full review here. Sadly, not polarized, so the glare won’t be truly mitigated.

Source: Dappered.com

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