Casual Office Style feat. James Kisgen

James Kisgen knows luxury goods.

He spent several years based in NYC and traveling the world as a brand representative for French jewelry house Cartier, until he was inspired to move to the West Coast and take on the worldwide re-launch of the Japanese heritage brand Matsuda Eyewear.

Matsuda’s hand-engraved eyeglasses and sunglasses are nothing short of works of art. Just take a close look at the intricacy of this antique gold pair, for example. To really appreciate the heritage of this iconic brand, I also recommend checking out this video showcasing their original workshop back in production. It has been a journey (literally and figuratively) but Jim is breathing new life into this historic brand, one meticulously-crafted frame at a time.

Like a lot of creative professionals, Jim operates in a casual office setting, and travels a lot. As the man in charge of a luxury fashion brand, it’s important that he looks sharp and style-savvy. Therefore, we linked up with Jim at Matsuda HQ in Santa Monica California to share some ideas on how to look smart, professional, creative, and casual all at the same time.


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Jim for participating! 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.

Source: Articles of Style

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