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We like our advertisers. They get it. They get that you guys in the readership don’t want enormous ads, advertorials, or a site with so many ad spaces that it’s hard to find the content. We try and keep the amount of ad space on Dappered limited on purpose. Keeps the site uncluttered. So we use affiliate links to help pay the bills and keep the content machine running. That means if you click to buy a thing, a small commission will come our way (the price you pay is unaffected). Make sure to read our affiliate disclosure for more info, which is always available on the right hand side of the site under Joe’s measurements.

And every once in a while a business comes a long who wants a presence in that limited ad space. And that’s awesome. So we’ve decided to start publishing a monthly list of our direct advertisers to say thanks to them, and also so that you guys stay informed.

We’ve never taken money to review a product or run a giveaway, nor do we keep free samples for ourselves. But to further our efforts to stay as unbiased as possible, we’ll be letting you guys know who’s buying ads from us, directly each month (as opposed to just running an ad network like Google AdSense with tons of advertisers which we do most of the time).

So with that said, here’s this month’s list of direct advertisers:

These guys get a lot of well deserved play on this site. An American company started in 1922, the name Allen Edmonds has become synonymous with quality heritage men’s shoes that deliver enormous value. Premium leathers, cork foot-beds, and the ability to re-craft an old pair make AE’s a much sought after brand for many of the readers of this site.

The male offering from Kate Spade, Jack Spade excels in taking classic styles and infusing them with a modern twist. The lines and fit are always clean, and for the modern guy, that’s much appreciated.

Many thanks to all our advertisers for supporting Dappered.com. 

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