Wearing a Scarf Like a Gentleman

It’s getting cold out there. Time to scarf-up before defaulting to the goose down for the rest of the winter. 

No accessory has a stronger combination of functionality and style, but wearing a scarf with the panache of a Parisian can take a little practice. The right knot comes down to the shape, size and weight of the scarf, and just how cold it is out there. 

To get you thinking about staying warm in style, here are five scarf knot styles that are AOS approved. 


What’s your go-to scarf? I’m thinking of adding a few cashmere options to our new collection, along with our neckties and pockets squares that are now in production (in America, of course).

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford. Modeling by Will Howe

Source: Articles of Style

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