What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. For most of us the impending holidays mean family get together’s. And not with just your own family, but your significant other’s as well. This can mean dressing to show your worthiness of your love interest, especially where parents & grandparents are concerned. Here’s an outfit that looks respectful, but avoids looking like you’re trying TOO hard.

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The Sportcoat: Lands’ End Tailored Fit Twill Corduroy – $111.99 w/ GATHER & 2424. An appropriate fabric for a holiday dinner, but easily utilized throughout the year (when temperatures allow). Instead of history professor brown, this is a more clean looking shade of green. Want something with a little less structure? J. Crew’s Ludlow blazer in “Highlander Green” Italian cotton has hit their sale section. The color of the buttons might mean you’d have to switch out your leathers for brown though.

The Shirt: UNIQLO Slim Fit Oxford in Grey – $14.90. Going with a light grey on the shirt, but white or light blue would also work. Since UNIQLO shirts are inexpensive, it should be OK if you end up with pit stains should you get the third degree from your paramour’s family. Also, that blazer should help mask any nervous perspiration.

The Tie: TheTieBar Knit Stripe Tie – $25. A casual leaning tie that will still portray a put together look. If you’re not a fan of the stripes, there are plenty of solid options. And don’t feel like you have to button the collar on your shirt all the way up. Take the formality temperature of the room when you arrive. Is Uncle Lou wearing his throwback Lions jersey? Is Grandma in her best Packers sweater? Loosen the tie.

The Watch: Seiko Men’s SNE049 Stainless Steel w/ Black Band – $87.32. A solar powered quartz from a dependable brand, with a price that’s right. Dial is a deep dark blue. If you prefer a chronograph, here’s a really well liked, but still affordable Seiko option.

The Belt: Saddleback Four Stitch Belt – $73. A belt that will probably outlast you. Not in the market for a heritage belt yet? The GAP Basic Leather Belt is a good choice for just a, well, for just a basic leather belt.

The Jeans: GAP 1969 Slim Fit Jeans – $69.95. You’re looking for a dark wash jean here. Yes, it’s a standby, but it’s an easy way to stay comfortable and look good. If the gathering you’re attending calls for something a bit more dressed up, try something like these navy khaki’s.

The Boots: Aldo Gweran Leather Boot – $79.97. A chukka style boot, with grip on the bottom for harsher weather. On discount via Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately sizing starts at Euro 41 (10), but there are other boot options at Nordstrom Rack. If you prefer a chelsea style boot, the “Ty” chelsea from Banana Republic has quickly become a favorite around these parts.

Tokens of Appreciation: Flowers are fine, but consider bringing something a little more unusual that can serve as a hosting gift to both parents. Culinary gifts are always a good bet, because everyone has to eat. A nice olive oil or truffle oil set, or an artisan salt or herb set are good options. If you do bring flowers, make sure they’re not fragrant. Strong smelling flowers like lilies can really mess with the delicious smells of a holiday dinner.

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