J. Crew Factory: 50% off + Extra 20% off $100+ w/ MYGIFT

Pretty much a mirror of the deal they were running on Friday, but worth a full inspection thanks to the high % of the discount, plus the stackable MYFGIFT extra 20% off code if you’re going over a hundred bucks. Note that if you’re  going over a Benjamin, and want free shipping at fifty bucks, then the code SHIPGIFTS should get you that. But the hay here gets made with the stacking extra 20% off. Big hat tip to Matt H. for the tip on the extra 20% off $100+ code, since it’s yielding the best prices in recent memory on a bunch of JCF stuff. Prices in red below reflect the usage of that extra 20% off, where applicable.


Thompson Fit Voyager Suit Jacket & Slim or Regular Pant – $174.40

Thompson Fit Voyager Suit | Dappered.com

As good as it’s gonna get for a versatile, wrinkle & crease resistant suit. Available in the medium/lighter leaning grey shown here, or a navy. Full review can be found over this way. Don’t forget to use the MYGIFT code to get this sub $175 price.


Lambswool Fair Isle Crew + Buffalo Check Shawl Cardigan = $98.40 total

JCF Crew and Cardigan | Dappered.com

Two go-to layers, each in a seasonally appropriate, “get bent ol’ man winter” style of pattern. On their own, with the 50% off deal, they run about sixty bucks. Use the free shipping code and they get even more tempting solo. Double up, apply the extra 20% off $100+ code, and they end up about fifty a piece. Throw in a pair of socks to tip the final, $100 balance, and JCF will kick in free shipping without a code.


Thompson Fit Worsted Suit Jacket & Slim or Regular Pant – $174.40

Thompson Fit Worsted Suit | Dappered.com

Same cut, but a more standard, worsted wool fabric. Fused of course, but moves pretty darn well. Available with a slim or a regular fit pant (be warned, the slim is a true slim). Non-functioning sleeve buttons make for easy tailoring. A terrific starter suit, or, a great go-to for guys who don’t wear suits more than a couple times a year, if that. Review here.


Hayes Waxed Cotton Jacket w/ Thinsulate + Pair of Socks = $86.00

JCF Hayes Waxed Cotton Jacket plus socks | Dappered.com

Where’d this thing come from? A new arrival. Dead simple. Black waxed cotton with a bit of thinsulate inside to help beat back at least some of the cold weather. Just one review, but it’s a good one. You’ll need to get the pair of socks (or, anything else cheap) to tip the $100 threshold for the MYGIFT code. Was just $79 yesterday, but… well, this way you get some socks at least.


SLIM Washed Shirt in Gingham (final sale) + Cotton Tie = $50.99

clearance shirt and tie combo

Remember, you don’t have to get above $100. You won’t get the extra 20% off w/ MYGIFT, but it’s certainly not a requirement. This combo does get you the free shipping with the SHIPGIFTS code. And that’s a saving of five bucks, which is almost 10% of the purchase price.


Navy Tweed Elbow Patch Sportcoat – $91.20

JCF Navy Tweed Elbow Patch Sportcoat | Dappered.com

$118 when half off, and the extra 20% off code dips it to just about ninety bucks. Very impressed with the feel of the 70% wool, 30% nylon fabric. It’s substantial, but not stiff or cumbersome. Drapes nicely and moves well. 100% acetate lining. Non functioning sleeve buttons and a bit of a taper at the waist. Elbow patches as well. Sized in chest sizes, instead of the ballpark S/M/L/etc.


Donegal Shawl Collar + Flannel Lined Jeans + Wool Hat = $99

JCF Cozy Club | Dappered.com

The Cozy Store called. They’re plumb out, because it’s all right here. Wool blend cap, Donegal Wool/Nylon Cable Knit shawl collar cardigan, and cotton jeans that are lined in warm, soft flannel. All three items for just under a hundred bucks as long as you use the MYGIFT code. Now, who’s making the hot toddys?


Thompson Fit Wool Flannel Suit Jacket & Slim Pant – $186.40

JCF Thomson Flannel Suit | Dappered.com

Fending off the cold with a bit more weight. Flannel suits are a lot like linen suits. Not worn year round, but boy are they awfully nice to have when you need one. And just like linen suits, a flannel suit looks incredible in navy… although most don’t think “navy” when they think “flannel suit.” Sadly, there’s no regular fit pants for this Thompson suit. Just the slim. Wool / poly blend here.


Thompson Sportcoat in Glen Plaid – $91.20

JCF Thompson Sportcoat in Glen Plaid | Dappered.com

Haven’t gotten hands on with it yet, but it’s got lots of potential to look great with jeans and black chelsea boots. Wool/Poly blend fabric and the description says it’s “lined.” So expect a full lining. Just enough of a pattern to make it interesting, but it’s a grey on darker grey Glen Plaid. Not a loud, high contrast white or cream on black.


Topcoat w/ Thinsulate in Heather Navy or Charcoal Herringbone – $119.20

JCF Topcoats | Dappered.com

Didn’t get a chance to find one of these for this year’s outerwear roundup, but be warned… last year’s JCF topcoat was just kinda so so. Seems like the J.C. Penney Stafford options were a bit better in terms of fabric feel and drape. But, they’re affordable, have potential, and some are going to like that heathered navy option.


Thompson Fit Chino Blazer + Pair of Socks$85.00

JCF Thompson Chino Blazer plus socks | Dappered.com

Yes, you need to get a pair of socks (or, something else small) to trip that $100+ threshold here, but in the end their terrific, partially lined chino blazer ends up at about where it usually does with most codes… the mid $80s. Super easy to wear, even in winter. Full review here.


3 Merino Wool SLIM or Reg. Fit V-Neck Sweaters$83.40

JCF Merino Wool V-neck Sweaters | Dappered.com

Good if you’re stocking up. Works out to $27.80 per sweater once you apply the 20% off $100+ code. JCF’s merino wool v-neck sweaters are some of the best available for a reasonable price. Not as thin as the UNIQLO sweaters, but still far from bulky. A go-to layer for plenty.

The 50% off J. Crew Factory sale ends tomorrow, Tues. 11/24. Word is that 20% off $100+ code MYGIFT is good clear through 12/31. Thanks to Jim M. for the clarification there. Don’t forget that the code SHIPGIFTS gets you free shipping on orders of $50+, but you can only use one code at a time. So choose carefully.

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